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Let's point out once for all the difference between Wagyu and Kobe beef: Wagyu means "Japanese bovine", therefore Wagyu is the original Japanese bovine.

That said, Wagyu have many different breeds in Japan such as the Tajima, the Shimane, or the Kedaka.

For instance, the Tajima genetic has a great concentration in the Wagyu born and raised within the Hyogo Prefecture, where the city of Kobe lies.

The so called Kobe beef is just a Wagyu who has born, raised, and slaughtered in the Hyogo Prefecture, whose carcass must possess certain conditions (weight, meat color, fat color, level of mabrling).

wagyu breed

Wagyu breeds, National Japanese Patrimony, are the result of two-hundred years of very accurate selections. Wagyu are generally smaller compared to other breeds, and also their growth is slower, still their meat is considered one of the most valuable food worldwide. The high grade of marbling is one of the reason of the rising appreciation of this product. Moreover, the particular chemical composition of the Wagyu beef allows to the fore cuts to be rapidly cooked.

We always have rigorously followed the Japanese traditional breeding methods with the consultation of a Japanese expert.

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wagyu meat
grading system

Wagyu and Kobe beef have their own grading standard, which measures the meat’s intramuscular fat, also known as “marbling”. Marbling is that webbing of creamy white fat that riddles a cut of beef, and which gives it a spectacular tenderness, juiciness and richness. This score is called BMS or Beef Marble Score.

In the Japanese system, the BMS scale goes from 3 to 12, with 3 being the basic minimum of marbling a steak should have, and 12 being a steak that is almost white with marbling (because BMS scores of 1 and 2 show almost no marbling, they’re not even considered).

More marbling means a tenderer, creamier texture, and is what Wagyu and Kobe beef connoisseurs highly prize, so the higher the BMS score, the more expensive the beef is.

organoleptic characteristics
of wagyu meat

Wagyu beef contains very low percentages of cholesterol and an elevate standard of sodium, which is distinctive to particular savory beefs. In addition, the quantity of mono-unsaturated fats is higher in respect of the saturated fats. This is possible since the intramuscular fat, compared to the subcutaneous one, is composed by mono-unsaturated acidic fats.

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